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UNITY Collection - Peace Drop Necklace

Image of UNITY Collection - Peace Drop Necklace

Beautiful PEACE necklaces flash plated in Gold or Platinum can be worn with the Arabic or the English word to the front. Also the EARTH Energy sign TO LOVE...
Fully adjustable Sterling Silver chains flash plated in Gold, the longest length is approximately 38cm for Silver and 45cm for Gold. The drop is 4.5cm long and 1cm at the widest point.

The UNITY Collection has been our response to the powerful images, out pouring of love and acceptance of cultural diversity seen here in NZ after ongoing worldwide disharmony.
The word Peace in English and in Arabic projected onto the Burj Khalifa were so heart-warming and emotive, we wanted to create something that would be a reminder of this.
Our collection seeks to highlight that we are only required to love with freedom, as we all get through the journey of life together.. Our Collection is a daily reminder that we are one
Peace and Love.